Don’t you just suck it out?

By October 11, 2016Customer Stories
Toilet Plunger - How not to remove panel dents


Let’s talk about suckers and magnets.

Where the idea came from, we simply don’t know, but we’re frequently told that PDR is all about sucking dents out or removing them with magnets.

All we can say is, if that was possible, Bunnings would be doing a roaring trade in toilet plungers, and we’d be out of business. Furthermore, we’d love someone to show us a magnet strong enough to remove dents from metal, because our job would certainly be a whole lot less challenging!

The truth is that Paintless Dent Removal is an Art.

An art performed by Master Craftsmen the like of which is rarely seen in today’s consumer driven throwaway culture.

If you’ve never seen a talented PDR tech perform his craft, come along to our workshop for a look at what we do, and prepare to be amazed.

With no damage to the painted surface, metal is manipulated and coaxed back to its original shape using techniques and tools that take literally years of experience to learn the use of, and decades of experience to master. 

This means that unfortunately not all Paintless Dent Repair services are the same. There are other companies available that use “technicians” with limited if not questionable skills. These guys tend to make a living by touring second hand car dealers lots and providing very cheap, poor quality repairs to allow the car dealer to move the car on without spending too much money.  They are also quite happy to provide you with substandard work for a budget price.

At Megadent, we are firmly placed at the other end of the spectrum.  

We are masters of our trade, and we provide an outstanding quality of service and attention to detail befitting that phrase.

We take great pride in our abilities, and we endeavour to never disappoint.

Just remember the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Be careful in your choice of repairer, and don’t be that other kind of sucker.