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    What is the size of your car's dent?

    Not all dents can be repaired using the paint-less dent repair method. Some dents over this size have stretched the metal, meaning that they may need to be repaired and painted by a traditional panel shop.

    Please Note:
    Prices start from $80 for a small dent. Total costs is dependent on number of dents and their size.

    Please check these conditions: *

    Do the photos clearly show the damage? To help ensure your photo is of good quality and shows the damage clearly try and follow these tips; Avoid reflections by not taking photos in direct sunlight, try taking the photos from an oblique angle and don’t zoom in too close with the photo, we need to see where on the car and which panel has been damaged.

    Unfortunately we do not offer a bumper repair service. At Megadent we offer a repair service to painted metal panels that have undamaged paint. Please refer this damage to a Panel Shop for a traditional painted repair.

    Please note, Megadent offers a PAINTLESS dent repair and Hail Damage Repair services only, and as such we cannot repair damage where the paint is split. If paintwork is damaged please refer this damage to a Panel Shop for a traditional painted repair.