Dents and dings on your car are a pain – they can be costly and mean your car is out of action being repaired! The good news is Megadent can repair your vehicle’s minor dents and dings quickly at a fraction of the cost of traditional repair methods using Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)!

PDR involves a skilled technician gently and gradually massaging or pressing dents out from the underside of a vehicle’s body panel. This is done with state of the art hand tools, the competent use of which take many months to learn, and many years to master. We have some of the most highly skilled and experienced technicians in this area to ensure the quality of your repairs.

However, not all damage is repairable by the PDR method. In the interests of both the customer and our reputation, if we can’t fix it we will recommend a panel shop in your area that will provide an alternative, quality conventional repair. We have formed close relationships with excellent Accident Repair Centres in Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast over the years and will be happy to arrange a consultation with one of these on your behalf.

Repaired Car at Megadent

Why Choose Megadent for Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?


Paintless Dent Repair is a fraction of the cost of conventional dent repair for these reasons:

  • Less labour intensive
  • No fillers required (or subsequent sanding and cleaning)
  • No primers, paint, or clear coat required
  • No expensive oven baking required


Paintless Dent Repairs are achieved in a fraction of the time of Conventional Dent Repairs.

PDR is a one stage process. Whilst Conventional Dent Repair requires downtime between each stage of the repair for fillers, primer, paint etc to dry, our technicians simply access the underside of the panel, and gently remove the dent.


The best paintwork your vehicle will ever have is the one that was applied at the factory.

Matching both colour and texture of paintwork is an exacting science that many conventional repairers have not mastered. Even conventional repairs that may not be noticeable to the owner of a vehicle can still be picked up on by savvy motor traders, resulting in a lower trade-in price when the time comes to upgrade your car. Megadent will remove your dents so that they are simply no longer there – even to those in the trade.


In the case of a newer vehicle, a conventional repair would compromise the integrity of the original paintwork, thus voiding the Manufacturer’s Paintwork Warranty that came with the car. With PDR, that warranty – along with the paint, remains intact, giving you peace of mind should any manufacturing problems become evident at a later date.


Some fillers have a tendency to shrink and crack over the years, and we have all seen the damage that our harsh sun can sometimes do to repaired panels, causing the colour to fade and the paint and clear coat to peel off. This is not the case with a Paintless repair simply because no such materials are required or utilised.

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